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Merna (formally knows as Ayah from her work with DJ Jazzy Jeff) has a new album coming out in about a month. She should have somewhat of a following on his forum, so here are a few videos she put together to set the vibe for her upcoming album. You'll see a nod to Jeff in the third video.

This is wear poetry meets life, meets soul.




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I agree on the name. Plus, as a new artist who already created a buzz with Ayah, it makes no sense.to drop that name. The stuff I initially heard under "Merna" was much more experimental compared to her R&B/Soul stuff she did with Jeff, so it kinda made sense, but the videos give us the impression she's going back to her original style.

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For those who are interested in checking it out, her album recently dropped. Her vocals soar. The production is soulful, yet a little experimental. I haven't gotten the album yet, but based on the preview, I can live without it for a little while. I prefer her work with Jeff.


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