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[quote=JamesUK,Oct 1 2004, 07:36 AM]holy crap!!! shola!! :rock: :rock: :rock: when she first came out.. i loved her!! i got he first 3 singles(still got em) and the album which wasnt as good as the singles.. youuu miggght neeed sommeeeboddyyyy... :bowdown: anyway i was wondering what ever happened to her..and a few months ago i read that she became a crack addict!! and she was only 17 when that 1st album dropped :scared2: damn she was really fine 2...[/quote]
Well i got her first album, which was pretty cool, and heard her second around late 1999 time which wasn't as good. She hasn't really been heard of for the last 4 years up until this song "You Should Really Know"

So maybe its true about the whole Crack Addict thing. Good to see her back on the music train then, even if it is on crappy naswer back records (they annoy me cos they are only made for cash ins.)

Lets just hope she's working on some new material of her own.
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