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Kriss Kross - 'Jump' Instrumental

Da Brakes

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I don't think I have it and I don't think it was released. I have the CD single and I think it only has those Hip-Hop/dancehall remixes that feature Supercat (the Kris' don't even rhyme on those remixes. think the instrumental to the remix is on there but it's a completely different song.

I'll check for it in the next day or so. I imagine it would have been on the vinyl single or DJ promo releases.

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I just looked on ebay and the instrumental is available on import CD singles and 12" vinyl. It didn't have the version of the single that I have so I'll have to dig. I won't mind getting one of these other versions but they are a bit overpriced for what they are worth. I'll keep u posted.

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Brakes, did you ever find it? I went through my Kris Kross CD singles and one of them has the instrumental. It's actually more of a dub or TV track because it has their vocals on the hook and the background vocal chants that play off of the main vocals. That means that if you are rhyming with the track, you'll HAVE to use a couple of words in certain places or the background chants will sound completely random...lol. If you need it, I'll see if I can get an MP3 out 2 u in a week or so.

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