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Tecmo Bowl Kicking off on DS


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By Brandan Synclair, Gamespot

Nearly a year ago, Tecmo teased gamers with a new installment of its original football franchise, Tecmo Bowl, all the pubisher said at the time was that the game would arrive in 2008 and that it was ''not going to be on the platform you're thinking of right now''.

It appears people weren't thinking about the Nintendo DS, as Tecmo today announced Tecmo Bowl Kickoff for the handheld. Based on the Tecmo Super Bowl game of the 1990's, Kickoff will include series staples like an arcade-style approach to the gridiron and cutscenes to emphasise big plays.

The game may not have an NFL licence deu to Electronic Arts' exclusivity deal with the league, but Kickoff will feature a default 32-team league and custamizable that allow users to choose colors, emblems,names and more. Gamers will also be able to create their own playbooks.

The DS debut off Tecmo Bowl will use the system's WI-FI abilites for local and online multiplayer matches, and the touch screen can be used to control players. Tecmo Bowl; Kickoff is scheduled for release this fall and has not yet been rated.

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