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Nintendo Designing A New DS?


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Evan Wilson, an analyst with Pacific Crest Securities, says there is a new Nintendo DS being designed.

According to Wilson citing an unamed source, the new hardware will drop the GBA slot have an even thinner profile than the DS lite and add some storage media and enlarged screens. Reportedly, nintendo is waiting to release the new system until demand and sales for the current-gen DS lapers off.

Hmmm... keep in mind, it's just a rumor now, but it seems pretty likely that Nintendo would have at least begun design on whatever they have coming up next.

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Well at the moment the DS Lite is still hugely in demand, I have re-cycled my love for cheap Gameboy Advance games too so wouldnt be interested in getting hold of a new version. My DS Lite is as slick as anything anyway.

This wont be out in a hurry. Its not even been a year and a half that the lite was released.

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