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What makes you primarily admire Will as an action genre actor?


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With his excellent comedic skills, we all know Will's always terrific at doing film comedy roles (whether it's action

comedy, or serious action) but compared to any other living or deceased action genre actors you also admire,

what is it that makes you admire Will primarily as an action genre performer (whenever he does an action film as

with the new I Am Legend horror action film coming up), especially since the 'downfall' of actors like Cuba Gooding

and Wesley Snipes (if one could call it that, for either poor acting role choices they've both made and / or both

actors not having much luck anymore, getting decent roles offered to them) there's an unfortunate lack of any

African American, or African British actors getting lead roles in high profile action or blockbuster films (other than

Will, who's getting older).

I have nothing against Will's Bad Boys 1 & 2 co-star Martin Lawrence, but unlike Will, Martin is a pretty terrible actor with

a very limited range and who's made and keeps making some terrible acting role choices (also unlike Will).

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I like him as an action hero, because he has this way to make you feel like he is tough, but by the same time hes cool and funny and charming which makes him the perfect guy for an action movie.

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I think Will Smith plays will smith in every action movie.... like when he uses his catch phrase in every action movie "Ah Hell no"

When I see a Will Smith Action movie i think YEAH i'm going to watch my Boy will smith kill some monsters or robots.

But its nice to watch bagger vance, Ali, and pursuit every now and then just to be creative.

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