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Quick Review:

1. Intro...some call it pretentious, I call it setting the mood for a very soulful album

2. Start the Show...fun stuff with Common calling shots at a "gorilla who was better as a drug dealer"...

3. The People...hot song that's been out for awhile. Kanye uses bits of the same sampling he used for "Wouldn't Get Far" by Game. Common called this his expression of where he is at in his life. Well said, as this is a soul-filled song with excellent versus, even one highlighting Kanye as the new DJ Premier.

4. Drivin' Me Wild feat. Lily Allen...upbeat song with the first set of versus very, very cleverly worded....the rest is also on point with great rhymes.

5. I Want You feat. Will.I.Am...really creative beat with common saying hi to the ladies...fun stuff and a little out there.

6. Southside feat. Kanye West...this song goes on for 5 minutes and is back and forth rapping at its best. Once one loses breathe, the other picks up hotter than the previous verse.

7. The Game feat. DJ Premier...Powerful boom-bat beat. Good message too that Common is here to stay and not out to appease the masses but rather fill the soul...

8. Black Maybe feat Bilal...real subtle beat with a message that it's ok to show doubt and not always be so hard and cocky.

9. So Far To Go feat. D'angelo...I actually enjoyed the previous set of lyrics he used on this Dilla-produced track...but no, I don't think it's a problem he used that song from the late Dilla's last album...why? because too much of the world never heard dilla's stuff.

10. Break My Heart....I've heard this is Kanye's attempt to tribute Dilla's style. It's creative...kinda though feels more like a mailed-in beat by Kanye...except for the hook which is sampled quite well. Regarding common's lyrics...not too memorable but on point storytelling as always.

11. Misunderstood... Best production of the album....the last set of verses are very well crafted in creating a picture of a woman having to work a strip club when her whole life is ahead of her...

12. Forever Begins...Reminds me of "Hope" by Nas in the style it is presented in...The first lyrics are "Victory Won" and really presents an optimistic outlook on life and that this is not the ending of hiphop or a career or an album but instead a time to turn off the cd player and go out and enjoy life.

13. Play Your Cards Right feat. Bilal...Bonus track but more of a feel of "Be" than "Finding Forever"...whether it be in production or lyrics...but fun nonetheless.

Rating: A+

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