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If they do Bad Boys III, please let it be more like Bad Boys and less like Bad Boys II, which I think is a mediocre movie. Where's the 1990's Michael Bay? I want the guy who made Bad Boys and The Rock and not that hack who made Pearl Harbor.

Anyway, nothing's set yet on Bad Boys III. There may be some scripts floating around but it's pretty much up to Will Smith and Michael Bay at this point... IF they want Bay as helmer. I could see someone else doing it aswell... and better than last time 'round.

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I'm with u!! Summer 2009 would be great. Maybe they can get the soundtrack right this time. Both movies were great, but that 2nd soundtrack really sucked. That waz disappointing after how good the 1st one was. No Bad Boy affiliation with the next one, no explicit lyrics, and no less than 2 tracks from the 'Prince.

Exactly, I absolutely agree!

P. Diddy should just keep his mouth shut and let Will do his thing!

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