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I just wanted to give a shout out to Souls of Mischief. I've always loved them but you know I listen to a lot of different stuff when i get the chance and I hadnt listened to them in a while. yesterday i listened to everyone of their albums and all i gotta say is DAMN! i've always loved their music and lyrics but i've never analyzed it and realized how complex it was until yesterday. every single one of their rhymes is so complex. the lyrical wordplay and complex is just amazing. every album has a totally different feeling to it, but every one of them has a great lyrical structure to it. if you havent listened to them in a while, play your favorite track and analyze the rhymes for a minute.... INCREDIBLE.

oh and by the way tim, SOM was playing here in Santa Clara where i live last friday at a night club. i couldnt go cuz its 21 and over. it just so happens that the night after, Saturday night, i was in that very club for my senior prom (they took the drinks out of the bar of course). just an interesting fact that i was in the building that SOM was in only 24 hours after they were and that they actually came to my city!!! i was pretty pissed that i couldnt go.

SOM rock on.

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