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Title self explanatory

I Wanna Rock

Brand New Funk

Coming to the stage

Gettin Jiggy Wit it

Boom! Shake the room

The Things that u do

Party Starter

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air



Tell me why

Girl's aint nothing but trouble

I'm looking for the one (To be with me)

Lost and found

Ring My bell

Chasing forever

Men in black


Here We go again

Parents Just don't understand


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Well you can't blame Analogu for string this topic. He joined way after we spoke about our ideal setlist.

There's been tons of topics that keep coming up by relative newcomers.

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Here We Go Again

Girls ain't nothin but trouble (ORIGINAL LYRICS!!)

Rock the House (READY ROCK C ON THE BEATBOX... never happen but it's a DREAM list!)

I wanna Rock (With live band, of course)

Somethin Like This (from the he's the dj album, not the other "like Dis" song)


Brand New Funk

Who Stole My Car?



He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper

Boom Shake The Room

Time To Chill

and absolutely NOT "You Saw My Blinker".. I ****IN HATE THAT SONG!

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