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Hopefully they've grown up and can do things right instead of embarasing themselves further and messing up each others lives even more.


Eminem and Kim Engaged Again?

AOL News

Third Time's a Charm for Eminem and Kim?

GirlGoneLeBron: Eminem and Kim Mathers are engaged again.

GirlGoneGrady: Oh right, because their first two marriages were so great.

According to rapper Akon, one of Eminem's protégés, the couple are engaged again.

"Eminem still loves Kim. They have one of those relationships where they are off one minute and back together the next."

"He can't live with her and he can't live without her. But they are meant for each other. They are engaged again."

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Well nobody can be like Will and Jada there a one off...who thought Brad and Jen would stay together? Puffy n J-lo? There's only a few celebrity match ups that work, even though Kim isn't famous but more infamous, Eminem will probably make this one work out, he's got older, he's no longer a "Slim Shady" i'm sure if anything he'll stick it out with Kim for thier daughters, eminem didn't have a father, and I dont see him condracting himself by leaving them all, No celebrities are the same, not all celebrities are nice and friendly, most the time they can be real asses, but that's just my view, when you put ordinary people in the spotlight because they make music and movies, then the stress must come upon them all, thats my view even though i'm not a celebrity or will I ever be one if I had the choice, I couldn't stand paparazzi outside your house, I want to be a artist fairly known, the type to still work a 9-5 to pay the bills.

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I know what u are saying Joe...but the bottom line is this. Entertainers aren't any different from any of us. Love and respect are more powerful than money, fame, and idiots hiding in bushes that take pictures. So if anyone is using that kinda thing as an excuse...there isn't any real love there. And that whole "didn't have a father" thing is garbage. People who trap themselves in thier families past are just making excuses. What do your parents, grand parents, etc have anything 2 do with u in the here an now.

I hope they are doing the right thing and then do things right.

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What affect does not having a father to raise you. Alot. I'm luckily enough to know my father, but my friends arn't, they we're left when they we're young, it's what inspires Em to be a father, not wanting to be like his, I think he had a line in one of his songs but can't remember, I don't have a explanation why Em and Kim keep getting divroced and remarried, it does seem stupid, but you got my point exactly, Entertainers are normal people like you and me, but how would you feel if you opened your bedroom windows and people flashing they're camera's, it makes you stressed, Will and Jada probably don't mind it, especailly Will because he's been at the top for around 20 years. Em's been around for not even ten, every young entertainer needs to adapt how 2 take the stress, Will n Jada have, Eminem hasn't.

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