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Busta Rhymes Gets Busted Again


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January 1, 2007 -- Busta is going to get busted again.

Cops plan to charge rascally rapper Busta Rhymes with assault after he allegedly beat up an employee the day after Christmas, law-enforcement sources said.

The hip-hop star, who is out of the country, will be hit with charges when he returns after New Year's Day, the sources said.

His lawyer, Robert Kalina, did not return a message left at his home.

The bust-up allegedly took place Dec. 26 in Rhymes' office at 84 W. Broadway near City Hall.

Eddie Hatchett, 39, who worked as one of Rhymes' drivers, filed a police complaint saying he went to see the rapper at 7 p.m. to collect money he was owed, the sources said.

Instead of taking out his wallet, the rapper put up his fists, Hatchett claimed.

Rhymes landed a number of punches, including one that struck Hatchett's face and caused a laceration, the driver said.

On Dec. 27, Hatchett, who lives in Brooklyn, tried to file a complaint at the 83rd Precinct station house near his home.

Officers directed him to the 1st Precinct station house in lower Manhattan, where the alleged assault occurred. Hatchett filed his charges there.

Police contacted Kalina and learned that Rhymes is out of the country, possibly in Africa, according to the sources.

The lawyer agreed that the star would come in and talk to cops once he returns, the sources said.

Cops plan to charge him with third-degree assault, a misdemeanor.

Hatchett initially declined to discuss the case last night. Then he said, "I'm just an average Joe trying to support my family."

Rhymes, 34, whose real name is Trevor Smith, lives in Baldwin, L.I.

He is already facing charges of assault, attempted assault and harassment for allegedly beating up a fan who spit on a car in the star's entourage on West 19th Street Aug. 12.

Cops say Rhymes repeatedly kicked Roberto Lebron in the head and body, giving him cuts, bruises and a concussion. Prosecutors offered a plea deal of six months behind bars, but the rapper, who topped the charts this year with the song "Touch It," declined the offer.


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Guest Guest_JumpinJack AJ_*

I love Busta Rhymes. I think he's one of the few people who has pushed Hip-Hop in the right direction and actually gotten success at the same time. He's comes off in these interviews with a big heart and a smile on his face...then u read stuff like this once a year. I support the music, but i can't say i'm supporting the decisions he's making as a man. It makes appriciate me favorite emcees like FP, LL, Run, and so on. Cuz not only do they stay true 2 themselves and still push out quality music after all these years, but they gotta a record that u can respect. Even if they messed up in the past, that's all left in the past.

These emcees need 2 realize that when they got a good thing going 4 them that's taken them outta the hood, they need 2 do things right 2 show their appriciation for the blessings they are receiving. When stuff like this goes down, it just comes across as ignorance. On top of that, Busta is a modern-day legend. With all these young idiots making garbage music, they need the people they look up 2 like Busta 2 act right in hopes of these crappy rappers will one day actually act write and even make a good song one day.

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Guest Guest_JumpinJack AJ_*

What does that have 2 do with anything? And the album didn't flop...the 1st single (and it's remix) were huge...and the 2nd and 3rd are still getting good video play and decent airplay. On top of that, his album is one of the best albums out in recent years.

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