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  1. 1- Bad Boys 2 2- Enemy Of The State 3- MIB 4- Ali 5- MIB 2
  2. Thanks, but how can I get them? I hate to say it but do I have to download them or do I have to buy those versions? I also noticed alot of B sides I havent heard.
  3. I'm new to the forum and I've been reading alot of posts. I feel I'm missing out on alot because I've never even heard of songs such as "The Chosen One" and " Coming to the Stage". I will admit I am a little out of it as a 31 year old copier tech with an 8 month old. So where can I find these tracks? I have been a fan since Rock the House and I still play it for my son while we play. I would call myself a Hip Hop purest who can get into all styles as long as they bring something new to the table. Rakim,LL,Chuck D,NWA,Kam,Eminem, and Will are what I like to listen to. Like Will said " I'm in love with the flow." Can anyone could help a brotha out? PS- I might as well ask. What is the significance of the numbers 46664??? :shrug:
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