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  1. 1. I'm not racist for disliking Obama. 2. It is a fact that many black people voted(and will once again vote) for Obama because he's black. I've lived in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Portugal. Nice try, come again. Ugh. Ignorance must be bliss for you. Do some research. I've studied economics and political science, have you? I'm not calling Brolin a scum bag for disagreeing with me, I'm calling him a scum bag for being so naive as to think we're in a "really nice time right now." The guy obviously doesn't keep up with the economic/political discourse, other than what the dumbed down mainstream media spews.
  2. @DefCEM I'm not going to get into the whole "is acting art" debate, because I always found it silly. The point this video makes is that behind the fresh smile, and pretty face lies a smug bastard who is glorifying himself and his desperate celebrity, and using that insecurity to naively decide what's best for the entirety of the country, politically. Any time most celebrities bring up politics it makes me cringe, because they don't have a faintest understanding of what they're talking about, and end up looking like dolts. @JumpinJack AJ I'm not really criticizing Will for his particular opinion, but his naive understanding of politics/economy, and his disgustingly self-aggrandizing way of approaching the issues. It's smug, plain and simple. His nice smile doesn't fool me.
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