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  1. "I will absolutely vote for Barack Obama." Ugh. Has the moron not figured it out yet? Oh wait, he's black...that's why. "I stand as a product of America. There's no other country on earth that I could exist in the fashion that I exist in this world." Translation: America created and continues to support my nauseating and disgusting celebrity, even though my films kinda' profited more in foreign markets, lol, that's why I do press junkets in all these other sh-thole countries, lol, but whatevs! Ammuuuuurica!" "I'll pay any tax I need to pay to continue to be who I am" Ugh. Sickening. More of the good ol' liberal celebrity bit "any taxes are fine as long as I can still be me(a smug celebrity)!". Yeah, implying that raising taxes and/or creating new ones(like through this new healthcare mandate) is good...what a moron. Hell, even if you do pay more out of your rich ass, what would that do to help cut wasteful spending on failed programs and policies? America already spends more on education and healthcare than anyone else, oh, but they need more!!! Nah, it can't be because they run it inefficiently, it's 'cause there's not enough money! Let's just keep feeding the machine! Oh, and that f-cktard Brolin... "I wouldn't change anything. We're in a really nice time right now.." Says the liberal elitist scumbag.
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