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  1. Wow interesting!! Being on Jive Record label they did a lot of touring, Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince were bonafied majors when their first album dropped but even more by the second album!! Before the albums JazzY Jeff was well known throughout the city of Philadelphia for cuttin it up before The Fresh Prince came along he would travel around the city doing schoolyards, block parties and jams!! Jazzy was untouchable man he once traveled with a cat named Rockwell and a girl named Spicy T he had no primary m.c. then there was a dude named ICEE who rocked the party like the Fresh Prince but didn't have the lyrical skills as Will!! Jazz started his jams displaying his skillz he would have this cosmo introduction then he would throw on Jive Rhythmn Tracks and the m.c. would lead him into the scratches, it was very popular in fact all of Philly upcoming DJ's were trying to do this but none like Jazzy!!The Fresh Prince popped on the scene around 86 or 87 they hooked up and never looked back!! As a battle m.c. of that time myself I never really like Fresh Prince rap style but in the background rocked with a lot of their tunes!! Today I respect Will for what he has contributed to Hip Hop!! Let me tell you though Jazzy is one bad boy!!!
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