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  1. A lot of people act like they've been wronged by Will. But Will owe us nothing, he didn't promise anything. Right now he is living his life. And talking about him taking his life for granted: what could an album give him that he doesn't already have?!

    We can wish he would make a new album, but we can't hold back something against him for not doing so.

  2. Although I wish so hard Will would do some music again, it's harsh and unfair de say he is taking life for granted and stuff like that.
    He never promised anything. He doesn't NEED to do it. If he does it, it's because his heart is telling him to do so. That's not taking for granted to follow what your heart says.

    Let's not be spoiled and startsaying things that just aren't true. He owe us nothing.

  3. Honestly, if he doesn't want to make music anymore, ok, I have no problem with that. I wish he would because I think he is even better at music than acting and I'm not a movie fan anyway. But if that's his choice, that's his choice and nobody should force him;
    So he definitely does what he wants.

    What bothers me is more the constant hints at a return. And also, I always have in mind that thing he said about how his true love was music and "movie paid bills pretty well" (said laughing). If this was true, 100% honest, then music should be what he wants, right?

    I don't know, I guess I'm just disappointed. After 10 years there was something coming, a new album, he said himself for summer 2016. We're passed the middle of summer and there are no news at all in months. I'm aware it would probably not have been as good as what he did at one point, but I wanted to see what he would do. But right now, he has a couple of movies ahead of him, and probably some more after.

  4. This reminds me of Drogba (probably not very known on this forum, although he now plays in the US), a footballer who played for Marseille, people loved him there, and for 12 years he has been saying every few months that he'll come back at Marseille. So everytime Marseille supporters get all hyped, excited.

    And they are still waiting, living on that hope.

    Will is doing the same. Keeping the music fans on their toes, satisfying the movie fans instead. So fans from both sides are still talking about him and hoping.

    That's why I'm starting to question that rap is indeed his real love, like he once said. His real love must be movies or money (= movies), but not rap, or he would have done something by now.

  5. I think right NOW, his movie career is on the decline, and instead of still trying to cling to some movies that aren't what he used to do, he should go back to what he loves more (well, from what he says).

    I think the big time when Will Smith was THE actor is over, and things he does now aren't that great career-wise. It tarnishes it. And I don't think he absolutely needs the money either.

    But in the mean time, the album expected summer 2016 as no new informations since march and we're deep into summer now

  6. they are just putting out a very cheap version.. Warner Bros could have done so much more with a classic like that

    They're releasing it because they released the fourth firsts seansons, so they can't unreleased seasons 5 & 6.

    But it's obvious they're doing it just because of that.

    And it's too bad.

  7. Did somebody bought the UK version ?
    I think there is english and french subs (on this picture ), but I don't know if there is french language :(
    Somebody to tell me if there is please ?

    Thanks in advance !

    PS : I'm trying to find the perfect version with fr & eng language and subs, and I'm sure at 99,9% that I will never watch in french version... but I'm not surprised, I'm always like that :D

    Sh** I didn't noticed this one was US version not UK...

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