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  1. "The 'Men in Black' star - who is a follower of Scientology, a sci-fi cult based on the belief that people descend from aliens - thinks it will be easy to fulfil his ambition of becoming a space shuttle pilot, because somebody has already written down the instructions."

  2. The CD will hit stores tomorrow....anyone who has a full tracklist by now? Or some more news on this?


    1. Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble

    2. The Magnificent Jazzy Jeff

    3. A Touch Of Jazz

    4. Parents Just Don't Understand

    5. A Nightmare On My Street

    6. Brand New Funk

    7. I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson

    8. The Groove (Jazzy's Groove)

    9. Summertime

    10. Ring My Bell

    11. The Things That U Do

    12. Boom! Shake The Room

    13. I'm Looking For The One (To Be With Me)

    14. I Wanna Rock

    You can listen to the full album on aolmusic.com

  3. there's also a pic of will conversating with Bill O'Reilly's arch enemy Al Franken

    Eh.. Sorry this is off topic, but Zone.. Whos that girl in your signature? damn she pretty.

    It's Hikaru Utada - she's one of Japan's most popular artists. Her debut album sold 9 million copies in Japan.

    She's one of my fav artists.

    If you would like i can post some tracks.

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