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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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  1. Just how will starts the song and fades out in this relaxing beat, one of his best if i may say so... sometimes vocals arent needed...
  2. Who agrees with me that this is one of his best flowing tracks? The melody, beats,,,its just pure relaxation.... I havent heard a lot of his stuff yet, i got his Magnificent album, and heard some from the Return of the magnificent, i should be gettin that tomorrow, this is one amazing DJ... My fav at the moment/ever Do you like this song? If so, which others do you recommend.. HIT IT!
  3. I just heard he was here in holland 4 days ago, pretty ****ed, i missed out...
  4. Damn, i hope not,,,,,thanks for the info, its like ive seen this coming..
  5. yeah i did, i tried to use the IMG tags but it didnt work
  6. Thanks guys, id like to know how to add a signature, thanks in advance
  7. I'm Nordin, im new here, im from ThaWasteland.com myself, a bone thugs n harmony board. Im glad to be registered, this is a really nice site, i didnt know where else to introduce myself, so here you go And talk to y'all on the forum :wickedwisdom: Can anyone explain how i can put a sig in? cause IMG tags dont work, thanks in advance.. Summer,,,summer,,,time,,,,,, :wickedwisdom:
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