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  1. Lol Guy`s calm down..I just listened to it!

    It goe`s like this :

    The Singer say`s "Eminem gotta curse in his raps to sell Records..Well me to,so **** Will Smith"

    And then tha are starting laughing stupid..

    There are just making fun..And they way it sounds they making fun about Eminem! :lolsign:

    I haven't heard the song and the article was rude about the bloodhound gang, so I thought they meant it seriously. I was wondering about the band, because I liked them. Even better that they make fun of Eminem

  2. I just read that Will is dissed again. The Bloodhound follows Emimem's words. In the intro to their new album "Hefty fine" singer Jimmy Pop disses Will with the words F*** off.

    Why do they always have to diss Will?! I don't get it, don't they have better things to do. They got a bad review for the album though. That's a little comforting!

  3. i just read that in Germany the channel PHOENIX is going to show the LIve 8 concert. Saturday, July 2nd at 2 pm. They start with the concert in Berlin and then show what is going on in UK etc. they will show the highlights

  4. I just know that probably ARD is going to show Live8 in Germany. Other channels wanted the rights to air it, but they got refusals.

    is that for sure man cuz i got DW,SAT 1,PRO 7,RTL this is wack damn :arg: :mad: :uhh:

    It is 90% for sure as far as I could read it in an offical article. I feel sorry for you, if it is really aired on ARD and you don't have that channel

  5. thanx dabrakes!! but who is Michael Bolton? It sais a singer, but what kind of music does he do?

    He's like a singer that doesn't really appeal to the younger generation! He's most likely to be liked by your gran!!

    I thought of a singer like that :haha: would like to hear, what Will likes about his music. I guess he's getting older and older :lolsign:

  6. Jonathon Ross is the T.V. (not the actual concert) host, and graham norton is gonna be the host from philly

    by the way has anyone else applied for tickets ??

    I wanted to ask the same. so you're going to the concert in UK i guess. but is anyone going to Philly? In Berlin is a concert too, but 1. I don't live there and 2. the artists performing aren't that great like in other cities.

  7. yeah that was verrryy swweet,so sweet family they reminds how sweet are the ozborns:) no it was verry funny thanks maxfly i hope u can record and the awards too :hmm:  :kool:

    thanx!! I wouldn't have seen it without you posting it either!!! Great! :2thumbs: Like freshfromsofia I hope too someone could record the awards. They won't be shown here as far as I know.

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