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    bart5 got a reaction from Saniah Israel in Where did Ready Rock C go?   
    I am wondering where Ready Rock is and what he is doing after all these years. As far as I know he hasn't been in any records since the early 90s. Ready was one of Wills best friends, and I think they got into a fight or something but I am not sure. Let me know if ya have any info. Thanks
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    bart5 got a reaction from Saniah Israel in Where did Ready Rock C go?   
    Thanks guys for your help guys.
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    bart5 got a reaction from TheFre$hPrince in Ready Rock C article   
    What would you do if you were lied to and cheated out of all the money that you worked hard for then? Especially if you had to go out and find a new job just to feed your family? Would you want to have the money that you already earned?

    Being a man of god doesn't mean that you can't have money, or get the money that you earned. Why would anyone have a job then? The main idea of having a job is to earn money, to support yourself/family, right? Well, are you suppose to not work then if you are a man of god? I'm just wondering these things because your statement doesn't exactly make total sense to me, no offense.

    In my opinion, I don't blame RRC at all, even though I think he should move on from this whole thing. I would feel the same way if my closest friend backstabbed me too. He should be able to get the money that he earned. Now Will is a great person and all, and just because most of us on this meassage board are a fan of Will's, doesn't mean that Will messed up and made a bad decision/mistake. These are just my thoughts though, because I think Will did make mistake. No one, not even Will Smith, is perfect.

    Thanks for the article though Tim.
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    bart5 reacted to Hero1 in CONVINCING THE PRINCE 2 RETURN   
    Hey AJ, When I started this page I had no idea how causes worked or what I had to fill out.. So I just made it up as I went hah but absolutely if you've got some ideas do it! Sounds great!
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    bart5 reacted to Ale in CONVINCING THE PRINCE 2 RETURN   
    Yea, that's what I think too.

    250 members! :bump2:
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