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  1. ReyCrazy619 hey

    Beelovesrocky94 Hey what's up

    ReyCrazy619 nuttin

    Beelovesrocky94 Same here

    Beelovesrocky94 I got smokin crack today

    ReyCrazy619 what?! What the blue **** is wrong with you?!

    Beelovesrocky94 [10:25 PM]: Yep an then my mom got scared

    ReyCrazy619 [10:25 PM]: Huh why?

    ReyCrazy619 [10:25 PM]: Smokin crack Bee? u dont need that shiznatz

    Beelovesrocky94 [10:26 PM]: and she told me I'm movin wit my auntie and uncle in bel air

    ReyCrazy619 [10:26 PM]: ohh have u ben watchin will?

    Beelovesrocky94 [10:26 PM]: LOL..Hell yeah!

    ReyCrazy619 [10:27 PM]: lol I didnt catch on until u said the bell air part

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