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  1. Hey sorry guys, I don't even think is the appropriate forum to be asking but I was wondering if anyone remembers that dj jazzy jeff video that I think AJ or someone posted that linked to a website and basically he was mixing up all these diff tracks like oldies soul and I think a few modern but classics. Does anyone remember this? If any of you do, is there any way to put that into a music file, I'd love to play that in my car or ipod. This would be such an awesome thing if someone did that. THANKS. :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom: :wickedwisdom: :wiggle:

  2. Hey, sorry to make you guys think I had some downloaded Jazzy jeff clips but I was wondering if anyone knew what i was talking about. Someone put up a post like a while ago with Jazzy Jeff mixing a whole bunch of stuff and the link took you to another website where you saw a video of him mixing and a guy just saying "what" "ya" and not really rapping just on the side. Anyone know what i'm talking about? :poke: :confused3: :wiggle:

  3. This is sickness, I dunno if anyone saw the concert yet but it's playing on t.v. right now and Will's performance is pretty tight. It's on MTV, a thing with Ludaris and him @ Africa, learning more about their culture. Pretty tight!! I'm loving it each time i hear his songs. He is a real crowd pleaser and man he still has it. Any Ludacris fans out there? Ya he performed some songs to the crowd tooo, it was tiiiiight. I'm sure it will air again soon. Check the website for updates and stuff. peace. :wiggle: :wiggle: :wiggle:

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