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  1. lol that woudl probably come out pitifuly bad.....im definetly no good at computer graphics
  2. sorry that was me posting...don't know why my name has guest in it but anyways hopefully someone could help me out...thanks
  3. the ebay ones are bootlegs that people made....while nice to have id rather have the original ones that will be released. i've looked all over the net for more info on them and have found none....hopefully someone finds something soon or they release some info on it soon
  4. damn well i hope it's sooner then later.....this is one of those shows that got better as the years went by and never got stale.....can't wait to have the whole collection.
  5. Hey does anyone know when the rest of the Fresh Prince seasons are being releeased....I already bought the first one but I can't wait to have all of them....best show of all time!
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