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  1. new update from my forum. i've put a thread in there for my english speaking peoples. so you can also post. have fun
  2. oh my god ... that's not true isn't it? :werd:
  3. hey guys! i've gotta question. from the movie i,robot at the beginning. will turns the music player on. from who is this song? i really have no idea. i hope you all can help me, maybe. woha i fogot something. i mean at the beginning where will comes out from the shower. do you know what i mean?
  4. i will get it until xmas *gg* then i've got the special edition from my mother..... i'm exciting about it :lolsign:
  5. yeah cya there cataca. hope i see you next time on msn ... i've got an update with my german forum : www.freshkessi.de.vu sorry for the english speaking folks, but maybe you like the pics i have .... hope you like it...
  6. hey guys! yesterday i'd become an e-mail letter from amazon.com *gg* the fresh prince of bel air is now on dvd to buy :clap:
  7. i've gotta wait until march 3 2005 ..... *rolleyes*
  8. i've heard when will smith were in berlin that he shot his video already in august. he says that in an intverview at MTV .... :werd:
  9. oh my god :cya: thanks man .... :scared2: it's amazing you found it ......
  10. wow your site is amazing man :thumb: i like it ....
  11. yeah ... today there are the EMA's :lolsign:
  12. yeah in germany their also come on mtv at thursday. but i dunno the time. maybe in the night or so ...
  13. i like them both .... but will more :D *gg* that's are both my favorite stars. you know. that's why they're on the same board. i hope you enjoyed it?
  14. nur mal so zur info fresh stecki ja! ich bin noch im aufbau dieses forums und ich hab ich xtina vs. will smith dargestellt!!! ich mag diese lediglich, weil sie beide supa music machen. ich finde du urteilst viel zu schnell! ich muss erstma mein material zusammen stellen und so! dieses forum gibts erst seit gestern! also bitte ja .... hauptsächlich gehts ja um Will Smith! aba du musst einem schon zeit lassen alles aufzubauen. das schaff ich nich an einem tag!
  15. i've done my first will smith board in german. this is the link: http://69648.forum.onetwomax.de/ please take a look :D i would like it *gg* it's not already complete but it will.
  16. oah thanks man for these many pics *g* i'd like it very much! they're so delicious *gg*
  17. hey thank ya for the site ... :thumb:
  18. oh that's pitty it doesn't give a calender for 2005 .... sry for mein english :kekeke: i hope i will find a calender. wish me luck guys *g*
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