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  1. it's really funny here ... i like it here :thumb: you're all so nice and friendly :wavey:
  2. yeah in "gettin jiggy wit it" that clothes were really cool! :thumb: :ditto:
  3. ehm sorry but what do you mean? :werd:
  4. yeah i will do that to. i watch the dvd and then .... click *lol* ...maybe i've gotta good shot :kekeke: wish me luck
  5. lol okay *gg* :lolsign: do nobody knows it? i googled all the time *lol*
  6. damn he look so good :lolsign: :thumb: thanks man
  7. okay guys i've gotta new question. can everyone help me, i'm searching for the pic from will where he slipped out the shower :help: or where he's in the shower. you know what i mean? *gg*
  8. yeah i could feel his breath :kekeke: dream *gg* really? :werd: he performed switch in australia? do you've seen it?
  9. oh yeah i forgot ... welcome to the board and have fun :thumb:
  10. the album will come out next year in jan. :D
  11. yeah no prob .... yeah what a pity he didn't performed it. but it was amazing to see him life!!! if i have my other pics on i post it here. i promise!
  12. Will Smith - Gettin jiggy wit it Stevie Wonder - Superstitious Ray Charles - a little bit here and there Christina Aguilera - Tilt ya head back and car wash so i guees that's for once enough :lolsign:
  13. hey thanks for feedback but i've got more pics of the concert *gg* sorry dudes but he didn't performed switch. he performed : Men in Black, Summertime, Wild Wild West, and some more. and he danced to the song "crazy in love" *lol* yeah i've done the pics with my digi cam and the others by another cam. so good to hear that you alle like the pics. edit: and he looked in my eyes *gg* oh my god ... my knees were so weak at that moment
  14. yeah i've more from these pics but not all of them are up to date *gg* you know. it was amazing to see him. oh my good my knees were weak.
  15. i know how it works. you click with your right and then you click on " aim" something like that. i dunno how to exlain it. but i hope it will help wou.
  16. here are some pics from his concert in berlin, where i was so guys that's some of my pics from the concert. hope you enjoy it. i was in row 3 or 4. i've got 36 pics. but not all are online.
  17. yeah ... in germany the DVD box comes out on february 21 2005 it costs 49 Euro *gg*
  18. in germany it's december 2 out now :clap:
  19. lol yeah your right, absolutley :thumb:
  20. hey thanks. ehm sorry but i dunno it. sorry man. and also i dunno the interpret.
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