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  1. Hello everybody. This is an amazing site for finding some old music used in this show, i found out some gems through this forum and thank you all for useful information about certain things, but I do have some question and I hope I'll find someone who is as much enthusiastic as me to find out what I've been looking out for years. So lets start... Season 2 Episode 9: Cased Up In this episode there is a 'skit song' I've been looking out for years now. It's a re-work of a theme song and a scene right before 'earthquake' jumps in, Geoffrey starting boogin' on Naughty By Nature - OPP. Through years I found various re-works of a theme songs, mostly when they switch scene-to-scene where their house appear. I even uploaded it to zippyshare so you can check it out here: http://www50.zippyshare.com/v/56842536/file.html Through my research the guy that did those small 'skit songs' alongside Will Smith and Jazz is Quincy Jones, I looked all over the place to get more info where I could find various versions of those little skits but nothing, I founded only one trace that someone uploaded to youtube, it's a re-work skit song of the episode Someday Your Prince Will Be In Effect, and you can check it out here: So there it is, I hope someone will help me and give me more info or some traces... Thank you :)
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