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  1. Got some more rhymes for this here forum

    Pop rappers today? Ain't got a dime for em

    Seriously, they'll kill me cause of boredom

    It gives me the need to plug my mic cord in

    Check whatcha listenin to, be sure ya hearin me

    Real rap don't get played after Ed Sheeran, G

    Big strong men used to make G hits

    Now we got a bunch of nasal whiny "lil" kids

    Monotone, autotune, no lyrical gift

    Making records with Taylor Swift


  2. We freestyin in the forum of the Fresh Prince?

    We gotta keep it real rap ain't been the same since

    I'm old school like 8-bit and the Matrix

    Kids 8 and greater they play Drake and hate this

    You can't fake this, this comes from the heart

    The greatness, I was there when it all started

    The departed used to get retarded with the beats

    Not for streams or views, they did it for the streets

    When RHYMES were more important the BEATS
    DJ's rest in peace true MC's won't cease


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