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  1. I like to go to WWE too, I love wrestling even though it aint the same since the Rock left...

    Yeah it ain't been the same since The Rock left.. i'm a John Cena fan and all but i really wish The Rock had stayed a little longer

    I'm a Huge Triple H fan him and HBK need to get DX back together and take on legacy!

  2. I Go to quit a few but here's my favs

    www. facebook.com (i'm hooked to lol!)

    www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com (i seem to come here alot)

    www.wwe.com (i gotta keep up on their live events so i'll be ready to get my tickets had a blast at RAW in atlanta)

    www.amazon.com (they have some great deals on music and tv shows sometimes)

    www.tvshowsondvd.com (holding on to hope to see FPOBA S5 on the coming soon list)



    www.tmnt25.com (the turtles 25anniversary site cant't wait for the new movie 2011!!)

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