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  1. weclome to the site kel! or kely, or kelman, or kelfred. :lolsign: ill just cal ya Kel :)
  2. dang, that's horrable dood! i feel your pain. albums that my brother, Trey, listens to, my mum wont let me hear yet. & Trey doesn't listen 2 bad stuff! :blabla:
  4. trey has pantz like those :kekeke: kewl pic lerkoty! :wiggle:
  5. im still tryin to recover my crown on dat one :chuks: hehe, youll TRY :kekeke:
  6. my older brotha rulez tony hawks underground 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Yeah, i've never seen dat be4. thanks 4 that!
  8. i would post, but i don`t think my mama would like me 2 do dat
  9. I kinda like T.I. :ohdear: at least hes givin props to da freshest prince. :1-smile: i luv his song "What You Know"!
  10. oh yeah, wasn't that when u wanted us 2 all be quiet, so u could hear it? :rofl:
  11. that's good, more day for you :) just be warned: mosh pits in your bedroom, Alien Ant Farm, isn't a good mix, expecially when the mosh turns into a giant wrestling match. thx dood, i can do dis for next year....... :4-only1ha:
  12. at least Will is getting somethin'! go Wll! i agree wit Ted 2
  13. happy birthday, brother! even tho i can go to your door & say it :lolsign:
  14. Dem Franchize Boyz - Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It
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