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    mfuqua23 got a reaction from ultimaterayne in INTRODUCING RAYNE STORM!   
    The day he stops wit the cap locks, is the day Da Brakes stops using !!! to end every sentence.

    Understand ya hustle Rayne Storm. I seen U at Ja Rule's message board.
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    mfuqua23 got a reaction from ultimaterayne in INTRODUCING RAYNE STORM!   
    Interesting promoting. Gonnna check it out later.
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    mfuqua23 got a reaction from Ydfer3jjaj in Who is Kel Spencer?   
    Why do artists have to put out hundreds and hundreds of songs to get a buzz? Why not just put together a quality album and promote that? You said Kel put his heart & soul into his music and stopped putting out? Well why not just continue to promote the songs you did instead of keep making new stuff. That defeats the purpose of the songs being made in the first place.

    Not enough output? What are the fans for? SilverTiger was his output. Tim Price was his output. Those kids who he spoke to in schools were his output. Even if Kel never does another thing musically again, he should be (and most likely is) satisfied and fulfilled with all he's done. He's stayed active and has done positive things with his life and in turn made an impact in peoples lives. He helped Will Smith write lyrics. Will Smith. Some people take off with the connections they get, and some don't. Everyone has different levels of success. His resume is impressive. Nowadays, nobody is just music. They are always doing something else.
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    mfuqua23 got a reaction from Silver Tiger in I am the next 106 & Park Host!   
    You had me in 5 seconds. If I ever was channel flipping near BET and saw you, I think I'd stop instantly.

    Honestly, I think BET should take a chance on you for diversity. And I don't necessarily mean white race diversity. I mean thought process against "the norm" that I bet they are looking for anyway. Who is gonna be the next group of patsies to do what they, BET wants? Then again, they may not be that bad or that type of company. I'd imagine there will be more to the screening process. I applaud the fact your even making an effort at it. Who knows what the result will be.
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