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  1. People haven't really been playing the Arcade for a while now. Maybe if we got some new games.... I see that you're number 2 already. Well, get used to that number.

    I guess you didn't see Afro Samurai, because then you'd know what's about to go down!

    Hey saint Whats up! cool style in the picture! lol

    Not much, man and thanks. You know, I had to start courting the girls early, lol.

  2. Saint!

    You're right, I don't know who you are!

    I'll give you the Miami thing though. Is that a Florida thing, to dress up and then pull back your sleeves and unbutton your shirt as if to say "I'm more fun than my clothes.....?" Little kids always make profound statements.

    lol, yea and all the girls wear those skimpy clothes...or lack thereof. Though, to be honest, I can't really speak for Miami as those pictures were taken in Jamaica before I moved to the States.

    Oh, and I know of you! I know you're the guy in the lead in the Arcade. For now... :chuks:

  3. Hey guys, it's been a while. I doubt anyone remembers me. I was here for a while, then I wasn't. Now I'm back to take over the Arcade! :fencing:

    Before I go Off-topic, isn't this the same style outfit Will was wearing in the Miami music video?


    (Cute kid, no?)

    Will stole my style :yeahthat:

  4. why dont you believe in cell phones? like if your stuck in the middle of no where with a full battery phone to call...you wouldnt use it? I mean if your in an emergency to call someone and you don't believe in cellphones, they must be one of the best inventions since cheese!!! haha

    I generally dont go to middle of no where.

    Maybe this is just with those American phone companies, but if you go to the "middle of nowhere" there's usually no coverage :hmm:, like in Florida, just go west of Gainsville and no one gets signal :hmm:

  5. Everyone seems to have baby pictures and I felt left out, so I decided to find my own.


    Me at 3 with my beautiful mom :1-say-yes:


    Then me at 4, notice the outfit, as we can see it clearly influenced Will in the Miami video he just changed the shirt to pink :lolsign:


    A young model in the making. (Age 7)


    Then at 12, notice how I'm stealing Damian's format :yeah:


    And me, currently. Had to throw that in so yall could get an evolution chart thing going :lolsign:

  6. My craziest 'job' to date would be grouse beating. Basically over the summer holidays when I was like 14 to 16 lots of kids would go grouse beating for £30 (~ $50). You run throught the moor (huge expanses of land covered with heather (plant that grouse (game birds) like to eat)). You wave flags that make a lot of sound and shout stuff, when the birds fly into the air they would get shot by at by a load of rich blokes who pay thousands of pounds a day to shoot them... Julie's gonna love me for this! :lolsign:

    And I was thinking you guys ran through the moor beating the birds lol

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