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A Touch of Jazz is one of the leading under dogs of the Hip-Hop and R-N-B scene. While Jeff welcomes success, he never seems 2 really make the company huge. Since they have a timeless, down 2 earth sensibility which means they'd never play themselves out like No Limit or Bad Boy did. I'd love 2 see them make an album that waz intended 4 a mainstream audience just 2 put that name out here and 2 make some good music with taltented artists that would shine along side ATOJ. If u could get ATOJ 2 work with about 15 R-N-B artists 4 a compilation album 2 make them huge, who would u have them work with. Feel free 2 throw in a guest rapper here or there...but not somebody like Ja-Rule who they'd never work with.

1. Jill Scott
2. Avant
3. Tatyana Ali feat. Fresh Prince
4. Musiq
5. Vivan Green
6. Destiny's Child
7. Brian McKnight + Kelly Price
8. Tamia
9. Boyz II Men feat. L.L. Cool J
10. En Vogue
11. Jon B + Babyface feat. Common Sense
12. Ashanti
13. Glenn Lewis feat. The Roots
14. Usher
15. Mary J. Blige

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