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Da Brakes

GScotty2410 vs WILL IS ILL

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im just typin so this doesnt go to the next page and you dont see it. cause i wanna win this fair and square, not by DQ.

so....come on :mikelowery:

Edited by WILL IS ILL

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Will is Ill I'm lettin u know we aint friends on stage,

I'm about to put u on a leash and throw u in a cage,

I'ma treat you like my pet, make you sit down n ****,

I control ur destiny and what u do with it,

Will is Ill needs to Chill, I'm sure he regrets,

Entering this battle bc losing he cannot accept, ,

Your'e gonna be on the site you're whole life and amount to nothing,

Waitin' for that telephone call but yet you hear no ring,

Just bc you won the Freestyle Partner Battle doesn't mean you're nice,

You make bad decisions, u take bad advice,

One thing would be entering this battle, What the hell?

When you lose we'll keep it on the low, I won't tell,

You should be lucky they put me against you, You won't waste your time,

Line after line, Rhyme after Rhyme,

You don't have to worry my child you'll always be my son,

Just know that this battle was over before it even begun.

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Call me Concept, the lyricist reborn

Your lyrics forlorn, now your lyrically torn

i enter the battle cause i know im a winner

My lyrics thick, and yours're grow thinner,

Weak and feeble, spit nothing internal

You spit a line, I get personal like a journal

I am my own destiny, hence the winning streak

You control nothing, so dont feel unique

I'm the rapper, take my lyrical abuse

Your a pushover, thats why you produce

I can make it on my own, you stupid jerk

You dont understand i make you do my dirty work

If i'm the pet, then how come i'm in command?

"Add the bass there," you answer every demand

So reread your own verse and you'll realize its wrong

So shut the f*ck up and get back to work on my song


Let the best rapper win, man :3-japsmile:

( :Party_fest09: 1,000th Post :Party_fest09:)

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