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I rememeber back in time, circa 1999. the mtv beach house was located in seaside heights nj, which is right near my beach house. so we went to look at the beach house. i touched the fence ( :hail: hahah jk). and then the next day i was watching my mtv and will smith comes in on a yaut(sp) or speedboat. gets off the boat and performs! i was like WHAT I HAVE TO BE THERE!!! but i couldnt go. i remember him performing 2 songs. i dont remember the first one but i remember the second one was summertime cause it was the first time i heard it.

thought you might find this interestng

esp. big ted

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Don't worry...u didn't just miss him or anything. That waz taped about a week b4 they aired it....cuz i waz in the crowd and couldn't wait til it would air.

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