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A Rap I Wrote For LL Cool J's Birthday

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i'm about to drop somethin' special

for the livin' legend that rocks the bells

who's doin' it doin' it doin' it so well

known as ladies love cool james

showing the brothers he's on top of the game

the master of screen and stage

showing some love on 2017 for his birthday

having generations of fans feel amazed

a worldwide phenomenon

inspirational for shorties to the grandmoms

showing that we all need love

whether he's on his in the house sitcom

or on an album with quincy jones

mr smith repping hollis to hollywood strong

loungin all night long til the break of dawn

like michael jordan did on the court

none of the competitors could step to jack the ripper

he matched them with lyrics of high caliber

when mama said to knock em out

he brought energy like a muhammad ali bout

just ask moe dee, canibus, ice t, and mc hammer

know the man can't live without his radio

the definition to conquer all you hear on the radio

he reaches mass residents all the way to the mr presidents

as i count down 4 3 2 1 with flavor in ya ear to continually represent

with my father looking down from heaven the power of god conquers ahead

we look forward to 2017 and the future ahead for us to win with more classics

i also gotta show love to ultimate storyteller slick rick

who shares today's birthday with mr smith

these legends are the reason why i never give up or give in

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thanks for checking it out homie

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