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Back in the UK in April

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Just signed up, as I now consider myself a fan, having witnessed the opening show of this tour at the Queen's in Redditch.

Seeing such a huge star perform in such an intimate cult venue was really something. Jazzy tore the place up, one of the greatest shows I've seen, even one of the most memorable moments of my life.

I was thinking of dropping a video clip here to show what I mean. Not sure if that would be considered bad form / spam on a first post though.

Thanks to everyone there, the crowd were fantastic too, what a night!

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The big crowds and soundsystem in this place make it tricky to get any quality filming, but I hope you get the idea.


I ended up giving someone a lift as his set finished, so missed my chance to meet or get a photo with :(

Good excuse why I need to get to another show though :)

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Welcome to the board and thank you for sharing. Nothing beats the first time you get to witness Jeff do his thing. 


He  is a genius at what he does and to actually see it is mind blowing. Definitely a great excuse to see him again.. And trust me... It doesn't get old! 

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Hope it was a good show Man. The crowd looked Hyped from what i saw Jeff putting up.

Jeff's got a lot of dates October into November coming up. Annoyingly i am out of the UK for two of them weeks so missing two shows quite close to me in Nottingham and Milton Keynes.  I am hoping to make the Cambridge show the following week though. Brakes, you about for any of these?

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