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Top 5 Will Smith lines/verse

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Last thread gave me this idea. List your 5 favorite lines. With JJ or solo, doesn't matter. I'll start with the first few that come to mind

Lookin' for the one

"Nine Trey everybody want to be a gangsta

Pup pup pup pup but no more thanks to me

You got something you can flip on the other tip

As you get lost in the smooth rhymes I rip

Years and year my peer misunderstood,

That I make cuts from my guts to make you feel good"

Tell me why

"And why the **** can't love, seem to defeat hate?"

I loved you
"I loved you more than anything

I wanted us to be one flesh and one bone

It's so hard to keep my sanity

Now all I can do is sit back and reminisce

Look at the pictures in the frames yo

Why you playin' games yo"

Favorite song: Lost and found

"When I hear y'all that's an awful sound

I don't ride beats, I take'em off the ground

Land'em somewhere, show'em to town

Even on foreign ground let them know i'm around

I don't follow everybody when its time to rap

At one time everybody thought the world was flat

Sounds like you? That was my intention

I paid dues, now dudes pay attention

I live for it, even thought the flicks is hittin'

Crabs sick, you can see the booth from the kitchen

Speak on it, cuz I saw it happen

This is hip hop, dawg I ain't just rappin

Y'all looking at a real MC man

You couldn't check a mike from me"

I'm Comin'

"So from CD to TV to movies back to rhymin'

My life stats makes Jordan's six rings seem common

Y'all hate, I retaliate, just by being great

Big will the enemy of your mental state

With the same rhyme I used to burn your idol in a battle

To subdue you into saying, "look I don't wanna battle"
MIB, W3 mad respect

Black stealthbombarama but y'all can't detect that"

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"He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper":"If rap was basketball I'd be in luck/'Cause everytime I freestyle it'd be a slam dunk"

"Just The Two Of Us":"Throughout life people will make you mad/Disrespect you and treat you bad/Let God deal with the things they do/'Cause hate in your heart will consume you too"

"Girls Ain't Nothin' But Trouble":"Listen homeboys don't mean to bust your bubble/But girls of the world ain't nothin' but trouble..."

"Freakin' It":"Before you rappers brag about who you're gonna put in a hearse/Do me a favor,write one verse without a curse"

"Potnas":"Like Run and D you and me together forver"

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