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BHS Lip Sync 2000 - Will Smith

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Burbank High School
Humanitas 99-00 presents Lip Sync 2000 (LTV Music Awards)
Will Smith - Theo Borders, Dart Molinar, George Ortiz, Karen Ernst, Carolyn Hamamchian, Jen Terry, Amy Bloom, Daniela Gomez, Megan Baade, and Danielle Sussan



I loved how they included the intro to 'Big Willie Style' too! :clap:

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I never understood the point of lipsyncing performances...the entertainment value is just a bit limiting. Dancing to a song makes perfect sence, but having someone lipping it is just silly. It looks like the dancers put some work into this for it not being a dance performance. I definitely like that people appreciate his work enough to do something like this.

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