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Impact of Lost and Found

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I just think that FP needs to be aware of how much people want new music from him cause i don't think he really knows.

That's the thing. I think he does know but just isn't feeling it right now. I don't want to say he's done with music but it has been 3 years since L&F. I hope I'm wrong but I think L&F was his last album. I just think he wanted to say all needed to say on that album and then leave the game.

Co sign with TopDawg! I had this feeling about L&F when I listened to it the first time...back then when i said it, nobody wanted to believe it. Nowadays it seems to become more and more the truth!

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I checked allhiphop.com lately again and there was a thread going on how will never gets credit for his contributions to hip hop. I am an JJ+FP for about more than 10 years and I realized that there has been a shift of thinking in peoples head. Even when Big Willie Style was out, there were not such threads on public hip hop boards and Will has not released an album since 3 years. It seems like that L+F has resurrected his rap career...what do you think about the impact of the album?

I can agree u but it's always like that with really mad talented artists...they never get the respect they deserve!

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