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I just wanted to give a warm Mother's day wish to all the JJFP fam that is with their mother's, friends, or sisters who are celebrating Mother's day today. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as your Mother(s) do...

I read something that Skillz (JEff's potna) wrote about how hard Mother's Day is for him, after losing his mother, and I really felt his loss and pain. I lost my mother when i was 15 ... If anybody has him on their myspace friendlist... drop by and show ur support and some JJFP love. (let him know u from JJFP.com fam ,...) because like he sayd,... aint nothing like having your mother, and people dont realize just how important how a mother is until we lose her...

imma prolly catch a movie, daughter cooked breakfast. haha... and take a nice nap that i dont normally get a chance to do during the day. whoo hoo... its my day to be as lazy as i wanna.... anybody wanna come over!!... come right on... ill take a back rub, pedicure, and another backrub. lol j,k

be blessed, and know that ur loved...



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Cheers Nat. I have learnt for the fisrt time today that Americans celebrare Mothering Sunday a different day to the UK.

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