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  1. Rams0011

    Lost & Found Bonus Tracks

    need to be an active member, then get it in the audio forum
  2. Check it out, will smith freestyling to a millie (big willis) http://www.zshare.net/audio/1337982052e6e839/
  3. Rams0011

    A simple question: "Cats or dogs?"

    dogs definitly, but gators make the best mascots. haha
  4. Rams0011

    The End of an Era....

  5. Rams0011

    Will in a Shaggy Song

    i have to admit that im not a big fan of sean paul but i love will's part. Delievers perfectly as alway
  6. Rams0011

    Nas "Untitled" Review

    nas always delivers quality music, he puts alot of effort into each song.
  7. that makes perfect sense and theirs nothing wrong with this either.
  8. Rams0011

    I Saw I am Legend

    one of my favorite movies of all time
  9. i remeber watching him on mtv for the promotion, he was awesome.
  10. Rams0011

    A 'legend' in his time

    great movie, sorry this is late
  11. Rams0011

    A 'legend' in his time

    great movie, sorry this is late
  12. Rams0011

    True Hollywood Story

    thanks dude, good stuff
  13. Rams0011

    Will Smith's Legend Grows

    awesome, doesn't surprise me though
  14. Rams0011

    What Are You Listening To? XVII

    Tell Me Why - Will Smith Lost and Found (2005)