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    WhatsApp Group for JJFP Show

    my number: +49 176 72 36 79 38
  2. Booga

    WhatsApp Group for JJFP Show

    By the way, I'm a part of this forum since Born to Reign. I forgott my password so I've created a new account. My old name was Loco a.k.a. Tallen :) It's been a long time, back than i used to collab with Fuq :-) Great Times
  3. Booga

    WhatsApp Group for JJFP Show

    Allthough I'm not going to be in Blackpool, i would like to join the whats app group for exchanging fotos and other stuff from the show. If anybody got a problem with that, i'm cool with it. :)
  4. I'm pretty sure you guys find a good place to stay at Air BNB. I got myself a nice 3 bedroom apartment 5 mins away from Summerblast in Croatia. 10 mins to the beach and we only pay 40 euros per night.
  5. I'm so happy right now. Bought some tickets for the festival in Croatia!!!
  6. Hopefully this is not just an aprils fool
  7. I think your favorite emcee should be artist enough to know how his new album should sound. I'm not a Kanye fan but he's a very good producer. How good or bad the product is, depends on the artist and we all know that Will isn't jumping on any train just to make a successful album.
  8. That's true but it would be a smart move. Will haven't made any music in 10 years now and his last 2-3 movies were mediocre or bad. It would bring his name back in the music-biz and set a good platform for an upcoming album. The track gotta be fire though
  9. http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhirE7FK41ec63E9tV
  10. Booga


    so what are the rules?
  11. Booga


    Come on, I can't wait :-)
  12. Great video, i hope they'll do one for "Back for more"
  13. Booga


    First! :-)
  14. Booga

    Imported CD's

    Hey everybody, The song is also not on the German version of the Album. Could somebody upload this track. Would be dope.... Greets