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  1. PTluv777

    Will on MTV2

    MTV2 is running a "VMA winners" program Monday and Saturday next week. Hopefully I'll get my wish to see Men in Black one more time. <g>
  2. PTluv777

    Will on TRL!

    According to 'Rock on TV' he's going to be on this time, on Wed. the 14. Maybe for real this time...?
  3. PTluv777

    Will on TRL

    Well, I'm in the US, so I assume 'Rock on TV' meant here. Yeah, I'm afraid thats all it is too. It'd be too cool for them to do a 'best of' Will/Fresh Prince. <g>
  4. PTluv777

    Will on TRL

    I noticed on the 'Rock on TV' website that Will Smith will be on Total Request live at 5:00 pm, July 2nd. Does anyone know if he's just hosting (hyping I, Robot), or if they might actually be counting down his videos? (I seem to recall they did that with Eminem).
  5. PTluv777

    I, Robot and new album

    Is the I, Robot soundtrack going to have Will Smith tracks on it? I hope that MTV shows a special on Will again, so that I can hear Men in Black again. <g>
  6. PTluv777

    New album thoughts

    Heh, I didn't mean 'struggle' in that sense, i meant he's having a hard time finding one he likes. :afro: I still think it would be a pretty good marketing strategy to release it around the same time as I, Robot, even if there are no tracks dedicated to it. I just saw the preview yesterday and MAN it looks good.
  7. PTluv777

    New album thoughts

    No! Its not better the more he pushes back... Come on Will! I can't wait much longer! though I do hope it gets the hype... I suppose if he's still struggling to get a lable, then its worth it. Still! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH! I want to see another WillTV on MTV, like they did back in the heyday with Men in Black and Big Willlie Style. Oh, the good old days...