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  1. figured i'd add something else with JJFP coming back with their shows in August and it seems that a lot of the old school artists like De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, KRS One, Common, Kool G Rap, and Snoop all putting out new albums recently with Public Enemy and Slick Rick constantly touring there's a lot more momentum for the classic hip hop more than ever and like LL Cool J recently saying on twitter there's only 5 or 6 new good rappers, none of these new jacks could touch the masters, btw like i said on facebook much props tim for schooling me on hieroglyphics back in 04 and all those mcs could outspit who's out today, 95% of my hip hop listening has been 1980-2000 and basically from coming here JJFP has been my staple go to group after all this time, cheers to 20 more years...

  2. thanks for sharing tim, i remember looking at this website back a few times from my high school computer back in the early 2000s and i finally became a member of the forum back in february 2004 after i got my first computer saving money from my first job...back in high school when i would battle some dudes in freestyling i would get some flack for listening to rappers like will, krs, and ll when they were mostly into em, 50, jigga, and ja rule but i would quicky school them on the classics, over the years my love for hip hop music has grown even more, thanks for keeping the passion of the game alive my man!

  3. This blog describes my thoughts exactly on the importance of the career of my favorite hip hop group of all time, hopefully this legendary tour will cement them a spot for the Rock & Roll hall of fame because their career is just as timeless and legendary as James Brown, Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, Bob Marley,Elvis Presley, Temptations, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and any of their hip hop peers like Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest, and De La Soul, who were influenced by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five and Run Dmc who are currently in the hall of fame. As a 30 year old aspiring rapper from New Jersey I'm inspired by great music and Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince represent that eptimoe of greatness for the mount rushmore of music legends. I was watching one of my favorite sports programs on TV yesterday called ESPN First Take and they were interviewing the hip hop artist Timbaland and they asked him about who's the greatest rapper in the history of hip hop and the point that he made in his answer is something that I agree with on the most part when he said that there is no one greatest of all time since there's so much different type of artists who tell their own story but what I didn't like about that interview is that Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless started heavily mentioning rappers who're severly overated like Jay-Z, 2Pac, and Biggie Smalls, now I don't want people to get offended when I say this because they are good artists but there's more to hip hop music than those 3 that media and ignorant fans overhype while at the same time they discredit and knock down rappers like Fresh Prince, LL Cool J, Heavy D, Kid N Play, and MC Hammer for being "soft" and "having less skills" than any of the so called "hardcore" hip hop artists. Ignorant gangsta rap fans talk about how great artists like Dr Dre are but why is it ok for him to have songwriting collaboraters but yet they wanna crucify Will Smith for writing songs with Nas and Kel Spencer in the same breath. To me music is music and I respect both JJFP and NWA as 2 of my favorite groups but I'd like to see JJFP's "Code Red" get as much credit as being a classic album that Dr. Dre's "The Chronic" gets constantly.  Like the man said on "I Wish I Made That" from his "Lost & Found":"I always envied how y'all ride with Dre & The Chronic/Talking how Em, 50, and Jigga got it/A lot like LL, Chuck D, slick rick , & Doug e/I think y'all love me but place other rappers above me". All of this exciting news of another album and a tour by JJFP has lit fire in my spirit and exicitement in my heart, long live the legends and god bless!