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    Will Smith aka Fresh Prince has a unique imagination with a sense of humor and wit that's truely one of a kind. The creativity of his lyrics could take you to a place that very few in hip hop can, sure there's those like Slick Rick, KRS One, and Nas but I'd definately Fresh Prince right up there with them.Iin fact I believe that his music was the bridge that led him to become the box office attraction that he is today because millions have been attracted by his charisma and individuality, and it's especially shown through the chemistry that he has with his "potna" Jazzy Jeff backing him up over the years with the musical foundation of the classic tracks and turntablism, they're hip hop's equilvalent's of Jordan and Pippen leading the way, it'll be interesting to see what more magic they come up with on a 2016 record. Anyway in the meantime here's some of my favorite storytelling tracks that Will has done over the years, feel free to post yours in the comments section, peace and one love music lovers!
    A Nightmare On My Street, an appropriate record to play for Halloween 2015 since it's a timeless story, if the music video was released it would've sold more records than Michael Jackson's Thriller according to Jazzy Jeff:
    Parents Just Don't Understand, there's a reason why this song won the first ever grammy in the history of hip hop, truely a classic, opened the doors for Will's acting career, Quincy Jones loved thevideo and the fresh prince of bel air launched 2 years later:
    Code Red, a humorous song about Will trying to avoid his girlfriend after he was caught cheating, produced by the legendary Pete Rock:
    Loretta, a story about a woman who's stalking Will at the Oscar awards, people compare this to Eminem's Stan but they tend to forget that Will was a top influence for that type of storytelling, btw like Will mentioned this song is based on a true story: