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  1. [color=blue]Hey Willreign...there was a post or two on the old board, mentioning the forums were gonna be moved to another server. Also asking ppl to save any topics in particular they wanted... You must have been away for a little while...

    I'm kinda already used to the new forum, because I post on another board thats pretty similar.. haha... :rolleyes:


  2. [color=blue]ok, its tyme 4 sum new freestyles on da battlefield...but I was wandering...if everyone are up for new stats, since this is a new forum or the new home of the JJFP fan's battle site,....do yall wanna hold the old titles? or start out fresh, to get a new battle champion on this site?

    Im down 4 whatva yall wanna do lol. :dancingcool:


  3. [color=blue]My all tyme favourite has always been when Will & Carlton was driving in the car, and they smelled chicken, and Jazzy Jeff pops up in the trunk with a big ol bucket of chicken! That always make me wanna get sum KFC...haha...

    we've posted this before, but since this is a new forum, it will be cool to hear everyone's favourite episode again...


    3cookies [/color]

  4. [color=blue]this is a great idea for this forum, because everybody always goes thru probs, in love and life..and its actually my favourite past tyme to be there 4 my little sistas n brothas... Any questions...yall know im da oldest on da board . Yall big sis >>> :afro: hehe...

    We are here 4 one another...so big group hugg!! :grouphug: LOL