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  1. ok Vipa.. thx 4 clearing that up, becus eI thought it was a 'parallel' like the heading says... and didnt even read it, cuz i didnt want to waste my time reading that nonsense .. now im cool. but, Why did he have to mention Will of all people,... when he's trying to make a note or reference to a variety ? why not just compare Soulja Boii to himself if thas the case..

    but thanx 4 clearing that up for me ..



  2. ahhh, time to see Hancock again!!! YAY!!

    My fave scene is the 'ice cream' scene!!! LOLOLOL

    OMG...Both of my sons said the SAME THING!!!!... LOL. it was soo funny, but I liked it when he threw that bad az kid in the air.. LOL.. "Call me @$$hole one more time!" hahaha.. and the end with Mike Epps... He couldnt even pronounce Hancock... "Hanchock" ... LOL... that was a good unexpected laff... This has been the best movie that I've seen in soooo long.

    oh yea.. my son just reminded me... and those robbers who didn't speak english until he lifted them up in the car in the air... LOL Whoever hasnt seen it, you are gonna love it soo much. Im going again this week..

    THANKS WILL!!!!!!!!! :mrstraetz: :signthankspin: :signthankspin: :signthankspin: :lolsign:



  3. Hi everyone,

    First reply here! :wickedwisdom:

    I'm French and a long time JJFP fan. It's also been a long time since I read all the topics on this great forum.

    I haven't seen Hancock yet because in France it opens next wednesday... Can't wait!

    I gotta say I'm quite surprised that the movie is getting pretty bad reviews in USA and on rottentomatoes...

    Let me tell you, in France, the press loves the film! I haven't seen one bad review yet.

    They all agree that the movie is far from perfect but they also think that it's a very original piece, funny at times, more serious at other but all in all, it makes a great, unusual package.

    Finally, they all salute Will for that risky and great move on a superhero blockbuster film, and that this risk he's taken make the movie all the more enjoyable...

    I guess I'll see it for myself on wednesday! I'm sure I'll love it.

    Just wanted to let U know that Will is adored in France!

    WILL POWER :wickedwisdom:

    We are happy to see you join us. Wow. France. Welcome to the board!!!! :thumbsup: make sure you vote for Will's potna, KeL Spencer who is up for an UMA for Best Lyricist of the Year! there is a topic with the link. again welcome..



  4. thx lil bro for the link. but i dont even wanna rad it, becaus Jay_z, in light of all his success is a $%^*%# idiot for even making that dam comparison.

    He must be smoking Beyonce's 2 week old weave.. lol. because that statement is str8t up. random...

    ok that was not nice but the weave.. but im just sayiN...




  5. I gotta shout out again too, and keep the love ALIVE....

    KeL.. u alright with me... You're real good peoples, and always got a pleasant surprise for the fans. I enjoyed that video sooo much. Thank you. Stay on top of ur game, because you deserve every drop of success, and the growing recognition for your gifts & hard work. Its all coming into place. Don't lose focus alright little grasshopper? lol

    We're proud of you..



  6. W O W !!! How incredible is that??? :gettinjiggywitit:

    LOL Silver Tiger, you ur a riot! :stickpoke:

    This is the first time that I have seen the video, and I think its just so thoughtful for KeL to go through this length for us. We mos def have 2 show support & vote.

    @Brakes.. I'm strait up feeling u on cleaning up the game... here is our chance to make a difference. specially with a fellow JJFP potna. Here's our chance folks!

    @KevTastic... KeL prolly 4got 2 mention u, but he thinks ur one cool cat and shows him madd luv bruh... trust me on that. :thumbsup:

    @ Chief. YOu clearly need glasses. He is NOT black, hes a green pluto~nian or marsian of some sort... blind ill redneck boii, CALL me PunK! ... lol

    KEL !!! :signthankspin: Y O U - R O C K! BABY! :clap2: :clap2: :clap2:



  7. Voted!

    you can vote everyday right?.. i tried to vote twice it said i've already voted.

    yea Ant. You can vote everyday, thats what is going to make a difference. I tried that too, even on two seperate browsers, LOL... but it got me! If u have more than one computer, and even internet access on ur phone, u can vote legitimately at least 3- 4 times a day. I have 2 computers, and internet on my Mogul, and my son has it on his sidekick.. so that would work, if he take a break, buzy flirting with girls. lol... :thumbsup:



  8. Typhoon. let us know if u got it sweetie. I had problems too, and i got frustrated, but its cool now.. LUIGIE!... LOL. I left u a note last nite on ur facebook wall.. for you and FUQ. Kev Added me last nyte.. tho i had not been there since we connected there last year sometime. Silvertiger, ur a mess! LOL KEV... you have tons of friends there .. that will be good to get their votes... Hi5, fanbox, tagged and myspace whoever got those. lol

    I haven't seen that video yet, but I was thinking he was going to request that Tim Mass Email it to the registered members on the board. If he did, I think mailing it maybe twice a week as a reminder would keep us on our toes... cuz i haven't voted yet 2day..lol



  9. Thanks to DaBrakes for posting it on the JJFP board, and to KeL Spencer himself for sharing his UMA nomination buzz,.. most of us know that Kel Spencer has been nominated (against some tough cats) for a UMA. The UMA, is an Underground Music Awards for artists that are THE HOTTEST BUZZ on the streets, and IN & around urban communities nationwide, tho not on majour labels. KeL has been growing as an artist before our eyes, and being closely connected to JJ & FP, it will be great to see him win the UMA category for "Best Lyricist".

    We will have to cast votes for him every day, but you can vote ONLY once per day, unless you have more than one computer @ home. :thumbsup: Let's see if we can have some impact on helping Kel to win the UMA. I think if we all vote everyday, and keep each other reminded, as well as our friends, it can happen.

    so are we gonna do a roll call or what? lol



    edited: im trippin. I forgot to post the link. Ill be right back. :paperbag: lol

    edited : Here is the link for the nominations. :thumbsup: scroll down to Best Lyricist of the Year

  10. naa.. im really glad that Will cchose to do Hancock over Superman. Superman would have had to be 'serious' and Hancock was laid back, totally hillarous with the greatest storyline.. I absolutely loved it, Will's role and everything. Will really is a smart man .. and proves it too, with how he conducts business choices etc..

    and a bout Superman. just look at him in that pic. His ears. He could fly away without the cape. LOL just kidding. I love my baby Will, but even looking at that pic, ... Hes not meant for superman roles... Hancock was on point and appealing to a wider variety of people. trust that. When it was over, it got a standing ovation....right here in Burbank California, movie capitol of the world @ 12 midnight... audience PACKED on opening nyte..

    gotta love...




  11. Thanx 4 the pic. I don't really like his suit but i like that it's unique. The ladies of the family look great. But i'd never be caught in what the fellas are wearing...ha ha.

    lol AJ... u wont wear what the fellas are wearing, but will u sport that dress that Willow is in?? LOL :thumbsup: i was just thinking bout u in that red dress looking all flyy.. from some years back at one of ur shows... lol or was that a date? jk.. lol

    but About Will and this new dress thing he is doing.. im buggin.. cuz that suit of off the chain.. not as in a 'good' chain. lol. Its the type of suit that reminds u of those holographic black n white pictures that messes with ur mind and eyes... but tho its not my fav in his wardrobe.. that joka is fittin him gU as h3ll... LOOK CLOSELY ladies... guys.. LOL The pattern/ is ugly... but that style is FITTIN that fyne body... to the T! whooooooo. :thumbsup:

    ok... im having unresolved tension/ issues lately... :paperbag:



  12. thx Trey 4 lettin us know about it, but Saturday, I dropped my sons off at the theatres and that line was craZy... for some reason they were not interested in seeing it, and saw Love Guru and said it was madd funny.. MY views are like AJ's views... I think I'll wait till it comes out on dvd... but whoo hhoooo.. Hancock is coming out in NO tyme ...im soo excited... u guys just dont KNOW...

    Cookie having her Christmas in July.. LOL. :thumbsup:



  13. Tiger man, shouldnt say that. Welcome back man! hope to see you postin here soon!

    Its cool that Tiger said waht he did. Thats just how he felt,.. and to be honest, actually LMAO when I read it, because it was the truth if u ask me. LOL. KeL don't expect for any of the fans to be sugar coating everything they say, or be all kissing up to him. He's just like any single one of us, and open for honesty. Tho of course, we still have to maintain boundaries of RESPECT because it's an honour for him to even care enough to be here. Gotta give him credit 4 that.... If any one steps out of line, and disrespect him, I would do the same that I would If Will or Jeff was disrespected and check them. cause tho we're friends, I'm still among his supportive fans ... and I expect all of us to do the same... Maybe if Will ever witnesses how we interact with KeL, he may register and introduce himself, instead of feeling as if he must use an alias if he visits.. hypotheticallly speaking here.

    LOL :thumbsup:

    but... personally, I look forward to seeing the fans interact with KS and think he would be a great contribution to the board with his insights on life...

    after alll.. this IS the HOTTEST community online... thats whassup.... am I lying???? :thumbsup:



  14. oh ya i am WillSmiths BIGGEST, fans and if you happen to know were

    he lives please contact me @ ali.smith56@yahoo.com



    Alexandra... you just can't be coming on the site asking for Will's personal information like that and expect to get it. We are long tyme supporters, and take his privacy & family's security seriously into consideration, and would never pass that information out, if we knew ANY ways... as far as being his BIGGEST fan... thank u for letting us know, you are probably the third thousandth person to pop on one of the forums saying the same thing. Actually i'm probably in that group too, ,cuz I think im the biggest fan., but I wont argue that u aren't... lol.

    Please feel free to register & post with the JJFP fans, but dont ask for his personal information... :signthankspin:



  15. thats really sad to hear that. and read so many of these stories again.. im so sensitive to these sort of things. Just reading about t he last few 'dog' stories, touched my heart, because as we were moving to California, we had to sadly leave our dog, Zeuss behind. OMG, the look in his eyes, was sooo piercing, he would not even look at me as I was talking to him, which was so heartbreaking. We left him with one of my daughters friends, and she called to check on him one day a year or so back, and was told that he ran out of the house and never returned. That made my son Jay cry soooo much,. and it just tore me to pieces. I often worry about him, and wander is he safe, is he dead, did a nice family take him in? ,.. what happened to him and that guilt is just riding my heart so bad. But I just really could not bring him, we didnt have the space for him in my car, yet he was a part of the family.. so I know how it feels to lose a family pet. THe love never dies... and my heart and prayers goes out to those pet lovers who have lost pets to seemingly, untimely deaths..