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  1. My son just came out and asked me about applying deodorant, and does he have to wash his underarms in the showers first. LOL He finished showering, washing his curly hair.... and walked up to me just NOW.. asking.. lift his little skinny arm up.. .asking, "How does it smell?" im like.... "Good?"

    LOL. My question. When boys start being this concered about wearing deodorants, is this a sign that he is 'maturing' or starting to notice girls? Its his 2nd day in middle school...and his brothers never showed concern one way or the other... He's the sensitive guy like Jaden used 2 be ...so...

    I'm curious. thx 4 any answers.




  2. tim ur stupid. LOLOL. RRC is prolly reading that.. but I FEEL U. I dont like it when Ready and I talk, and Will pops into the conversation. Will and Jeff is my first love. cant deal with that... we can't be friends, cuz i dont wanna hear no negativity about my boyz...

    um... HEY READY ROCC! :welcome4:


    first off. All of u are wrong to jump on her by saying 'she should let it go'.. when if u read the initial interview... ESSENCE MAGAZINE ASKED HER a question. YES, you do have VALID points because she SHOULD have said, 'Im over this, and Im healed, and Id much prefer to not discuss it". That would have been the wisest thing for her to say, BUT. She did not bring it up first... so dont bash her THAT bad. Everybody dont think as intellectually as you guys do.. lol

    Secondly. Even back then, Will did have abit of pull... contrary to popular beliefs, it's just magnified tenfold because of his dedication to his work, his talents, and his magnetic personality. She obviously had issues with herself because he was the 'star', and wanted more recognition, pay, or say in the scripts,... which was more likely the real issue at hand.. and not so much of Will having a competitive spirit, but her own self having a competitive spirit not measuring up to Will's love for his work...

    Thats basically a huge compliment, because of Will's competitive spirit, look at his success and look at where she is.. um... Where is she by the way? lol

    Its just jealousy. all i can say from personal knowledge .. is Will is beautiful. He loves the people that he works with and surround him and ...

    He's just fukkin bomb.... and has the most HUGE giving heart. Him AND Jada.... Thas all i can say. and thats all I am going to say.

    and because of that FACT.... and PERSONAL PERSONAL knowledge... I conclude the first aunt VIV has MAJOUR MAJOUR issues that she needs to solve.. or have solved from what I read... Will is NOTHING Like she has tried to describe, and condemn him... and it really pisses me off....

    Let it go already...as u guys say.. lol





  3. I posted it last night, AJ & Visqo... a text that I got from KEL right after the event. Julie just quoted it....

    Skyzoo won. ... and KS thanked alll of us for the love. I still feel disappointed tho. I was sure he had won. KeL seem to be a good sportsman in good sprits & glad to see one of his homies to receive the award...

    I was really crushed when I read his text. :1-sigh: I think we should at least give him abit of encouragement after all this, because Altho he said It's cool.. I refuse to believe he's not hurt.... thats what family does, so Imma leave an encouraging note on his page.. and I really do hope u guys do too...



  4. yea.. aww. thats sooo sad. :worried: :worried: :worried:

    I was just reflecting today after hearing this news. Up all night, watching Bernie Mac movies on tv and whatnot with my sons... we really do have alot to be greatful... pneumonia can easily happen 2 any single one of us. I had walking pneumonia last year... It was not fun either... with my day that still had to be taken care of..

    He's so well respected, and today I nearly broke down and cried, when my son said, Mom, the saddest day in America AND the world will be when Will Smith dies. Hes the best comedian ever... then I just started thinking about everybody that I love, and just want 2 hugg, cuz I never take proper moments to say I love You to ppl that mean the world to me...


    RIP Bernie Mac



  5. Great pitures Cookies!! Looking beautiful as always!! Do you sing??

    thankx everyone.. sorry i didnt respond earlier Brakes.. some threads I dont really go back to check. lol..

    but I sing. Yes., Im not persuing a career, tho imma sell what I do via my official website. LOL. I'm just writing a song inspired by my future spouse,.. but I have business partners that I 'was working with,... developing the talents of underprivileged YOUTH who are naturally gifted musically BUT. I sorta backed BACK 4 a minute, since one of the member's WIFE fronted on me on the slyy during a meeting one nyte @ my criB ... I get that from chiKs sumtimes,.. so im debating on weather or not imma digg my heart into it as I WANT to so bad,.. or what. I have a 'preproduction' studio setup at my criB.. we had meetings here, and gathered at the big studio for meetings too,.. and other sessions..

    This is the link of our songwriting & production team. ... my business potnas. Everybody in the top row, plus L.V. (He did Gangsta Paradise w/Coolio) is not pictured. I designed the logo too actually. Akulivego (Ah-KU-leh-Veh-go)

    I just can't work too well with dudes whose 'chiks' trip 4 no reason... thas all...


    ~ cookie

  6. Silvertiger. U know what. why do u keep doiN that? U dont even realize, when u always center EVERY dag post on YOURSELF> :fencing: little self centered self.

    LOL u a DAM trip.. Thank GOD Will and Jeff ain't like that. ...whooo!

    JIMBOAT!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :doh: :birthday: :birthday: :7: :7: :birthday: :birthday: