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  1. It's not very nice of him 2 record either.

    ok .. U do have a valid point AJ. I doubt he would change it to weenie Julie. LOL. at least something like 'She be on it. on it on it.".. who gives a DANG who be jockiN him. Lyrics really do tell alot about an artist in whole. So far, Kyle's lyrical expression is far from A list material... He records in Will's studio, so I'm positive that he has heard the trax Kyle & Juke works on.. but maybe just letting him feel his way thru, and learn from his obvious mistakes as he matures on so many levels. lol

    I did leave a note on his page finally after listening to the first 15.5 seconds of his track. As soon as I heard him spit the first couple line... I was like ... :thumbdown:

    @ Silvertiger. WHAT ? U have myspace????? :thumbsup:

    ~ cookie

  2. im way too tired to clik the link...but, if its true, its just a beautiful thing for Will and Jada. because its a magical moment for any parents who conceive a child out of love,... and then seeing THEIR creation, a baby grow in the mommy's tummy...awwwwww dam. im getting emotional now..

    and... i want them to name it after auntieeeeee cookieeeeeee..

    lol :signthankspin: Will N Jada!....


    whatever. it iz what it iz. CONGRATULATIONS if its true.. and CONGRATULTIONS even if it's not true... LOL...

    ok. i think its tyme to hit the bed//.......

    ~ auntie cookie :thumbsup:

  3. oh ok... Since she is older than Will, im sure she's trippin on that.. I wish she had a myspace. LOL

    Don't upcoming celebrties have an image consultant to help them along these lines or something? or good friends to cheK them with small offensive things like that?

    Everybody wont have the same views.. but thats FRESH PRinCe's nephew...

    ~ cookie

  4. well.. im glad u did. I've had a few chats with Kyle, but im in one of my moods right now ,and dont feel like even going to his page.

    but i surely hope he changes that mess!... Trying to see what sort of responses he will get? yea ok...

    Doesn't make MUCH sense..but ok... ridin his weenie.. BOII!....

    Thats somethin he would joke with his homies about jokingly.. NOT entitle a song with .. That will get him absolutely NO serious fanbase ...

    ~ cookie

  5. LOL...

    Thats not EXACTLY the title.. but what in the world? Have U guys listened to that song? Im not even tryna go to listen... with that disgusting title... I really REALLY wish that Will would pull Kyle aside.. and let him know SOMETHING... After sumone listens to it.. give Ur reviews pls...

    Who is his mom? Pam or Ellen? I wander what his mom.. or grandmom would think of that title alone... :shakehead:

    dag Kyle!

    ~ cookie

  6. yep.. .I feel the same way tooo.. I really wana hang out with all of U guys sooo bad. So.. when I get RICH first with my art & company.. and then engaged, & married.. hopefully one day.. imma have to fly at least 10 -15 of u guys to Bahamas to celebrate with me... hehe...

    but if I DON'T get rich first... ill bring ur pics with me... till Honeymooon time. Dont want u looking at me N my honey um.... drinkin coffee etc. :sipread: :paperbag: LOL put ur rump BACK in the suitcase... LOL

    serious. I've met some of the most cool people over the last 10 years, being a JJFP fam is a real blessing 2 me... I love my fam!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ~ cookie

  7. Double Congrats on this beautiful day 2 u and ur lovely wife "now" !!! Can't wait to see the pics. the cruise is going to be BOMB!! tho. i rather fly, to enjoy more time @ SANDALS resort in Bahamas or Jamaica... but Ur going to have fun all the same. whoo. Honeymoon? yea! lol...

    ENJOY BRAKES!!!!!!

    ~ cookie

  8. THX again Ale.

    I add this News as a new possible movie. :signthankspin:

    Now, with Jada playing that role, would be VERY interesting. lol. She is really an entertaining actress , and with her personality... well. she will have to study the Michelle's personality for awhile... I think she can do a fantastic job too actually... it will be interesting for Will and Jada to do the part..

    Will always said he wanted to be "President" this is his perfect opportunity... haha...

    I hope it happens with both of them... now im looking forward to a Will/Jada movie...

    ~ cookie

  9. actually, that was very clever how U wrote it AJ... It wasn't like that with the others, tho. He's not mature enough to talk about masturbation yet... :stickpoke: lol. His response is ... real silly so,.. imma leave that alone for now.

    or.. i have to learn to bring the topic up properly.... what u guys think about that subject? is that something for moms or dads?... with little boys? its a subject in school.. so its not "eugh thats naaaaasty"..... as I get from him. LOL


    ~ cookie

  10. absolutely right. She is entitled to her opinion which tho may be negative, equals to less than 2% of popular beliefs of what Will represents. Way tooo many ppl know what he about, and can personally vouch for him as a man, a co~ worker and a FRIEND..

    so... everybody will always have opinions and HATERS... that when they cross the line..

    I have em too, and 'I AM EVERYDAY PEOPLEZ" so U just do YOU Will...


    ~ cookie

  11. lol. ok... thank all of U guys for the input, it sorta helps me abit more.. .because his older brothers never even asked.. they just started on their own... lol

    He really has the greatest personality, and when he was much younger, always took a noticeable effort,... and emphasized on how he wants to be a gentleman,.. he would always open doors for ladies etc... and im glad he's at least THINKING...and asking questions .

    His 13 year old brother... oh man. whole nother story... :shakehead: funniest thing.. is two brothers, TOTALLY different personalities ...

    thx again guys...

    ~ cookie

  12. I do not enjoy participating in debates on these sort of topics, because it can get heated, and I rather stay from heated debates... BUT

    I was watching Obama and McCain one day, going over issues in the Hispanic community and how would resolve them if elected.. and out of nowhere, an onlooker jumped up and was outright rude and saying such harsh things to McCain (that didnt happen when Obama was speaking, which was a strong stance in how he presented himself verbally, in my view of the two candidates )

    but back on Mccain. His demeanor, his reaction, and everything was just way too sensitive and I honestly thought the he was going to cry. I felt so sorry for him, and could never see him on the front lines with me in a war zone. I would NOT go to battle with him....nor would I be confident that he would always make the right choices based on needs of the American communities across the nation....

    thats just my view as a military veteran.. AND a woman.